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Winter 2017 Ficlet and Drabble Meme!

Hello all! Happy 2017! In an effort to keep this comm going, it's about time for a ficlet AND drabble meme. This means you don't have to stay within a word range, if you wanna stuff us full of sweet, delicious fic, go for it! Show us what you got! Prompt away, fill to your heart's content. If you haven't filled a prompt before, try it out! We are all here to encourage your imagination. ;)

Now, let the prompting & filling begin! This drabble meme is all about comfort food! You can post other prompts, but let's see the creations that can occur based around good ol' comfort food. :D

Post your prompts as a comment to this entry. Post as many prompts as you like, but not all in the same comment, please.

Best way to post a prompt: (example):

Request: Wincest, chubby!Dean
Dean starts gaining weight because during a hunt he broke his leg

- A single prompt can be filled by more than one artist/writer. You do not have to go in order of who left a comment first in order to reply -- just fill whichever prompt strikes your fancy.

- Fill a prompt by replying to the relevant comment. In your fill be sure to include:
Title, Genre, Character(s), Warning(s) and Rating (e.g.: FILLED: My Story; Gen; Sam, Dean, John; Forcefeeding; R)

- Betas aren't required but you're welcome to use one if you would like

- We allow any genre: gen, het, slash, rpf, rps, mpreg, horror, humor, crack, crossover... ^-^

- When filling, we're open to mediums of any kind: fic, art, video, etc.

- Please try to keep your prompt/fill relatable to the kinks of this community. Other kinks are definitely allowed, but try to keep the main theme on target.

- As always, be respectful and encouraging

* Anonymous posting is allowed
* If you see a request you like you can "second!" it

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