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Summer Drabble Meme!

Hello all! In an effort to keep this comm going, it's about time for a drabble meme. Show us what you got! Prompt away, fill to your heart's content. If you haven't filled a prompt before, try it out! We are all here to encourage your imagination. ;)

Now, let the prompting & filling begin!

- The drabble meme is open for business! Post your prompts as a comment to this entry. Post as many prompts as you like, but not all in the same comment, please.

Best way to post a prompt: (example):

Request: Wincest, chubby!Dean
Dean starts gaining weight because during a hunt he broke his leg

- A single prompt can be filled by more than one artist/writer. You do not have to go in order of who left a comment first in order to reply -- just fill whichever prompt strikes your fancy.

- Fill a prompt by replying to the relevant comment. In your fill be sure to include:
Title, Genre, Character(s), Warning(s) and Rating (e.g.: FILLED: My Story; Gen; Sam, Dean, John; Forcefeeding; R)

- When filling a prompt, remember to keep it between 100 -1,000 words. (This is a drabble meme after all.) If you're inspired by a prompt and find yourself going over the limit, feel free to post it to your journal (or as a separate entry) and reply to the prompt with a link.

- Betas aren't required but you're welcome to use one if you would like

- We allow any genre: gen, het, slash, rpf, rps, mpreg, horror, humor, crack, crossover... ^-^

- When filling, we're open to mediums of any kind: fic, art, video, etc.

- Please try to keep your prompt/fill relatable to the kinks of this community. Other kinks are definitely allowed, but try to keep the main theme on target.

- As always, be respectful and encouraging

* Anonymous posting is allowed
* If you see a request you like you can "second!" it
* I will updating this post with links to fills--if a couple days pass and you don't see your work appear, please contact me because I might have missed it

Have fun!
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