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Honey-cake (round robin pt. 7)

Honey-cake (pt. 7)
Author pt.7: vampirebitch
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Warnings: none (as far as I know... otherwise, just let me know and I'll fix the warnings)
Rating: NC-17 (is wanking really that??)
Word Count pt.7: 1668
Disclaimer: Supernatural doesn't belong to me (sadly) and I make no money off this.
A/N: I just finally had to get to the sexy bits... couldn't keep myself from doing that. And yes, it's a bit overly schmoopy, but it's just the way that I imagine a warm day with too much food makes Dean behave. Have you ever had that completely full feeling, thinking that your belly might just burst? I've been on holidays for a week, I enjoyed that every night after dinner...
TAG: I'm tagging Anon. (Sorry for the abrupt ending, I do hope though that it might inspire you a bit.)

That sound kept coming again. Dean didn’t look at his brother, for fear of misjudging that particular sound and then having to realize his brother might indeed be disgusted by him. Now, though, he could feel his cheeks heat up as well. It still didn’t keep Dean from licking his fingers clean, making them look as though he had just washed them.

When there wasn’t even a tiny crumb of chocolate left, he gave a content sigh and let himself slide further into the couch.

Immediately, Sam slid into the spot behind him, arranging them so that Dean was mostly upright, yet comfortably encircled by Sam’s body. While they had never had a good concept of personal space, Dean thought that Sam had been especially clingy since the accident.

Usually, he’d call his brother out on that; but in light of Sam helping him with every little task and even trying for civil conversation between them, Dean just didn’t have the heart to do so.


The first thing, that had caught his attention, was Sam always sitting behind Dean on the couch, practically wrapping him up. In that regard, Sam was almost like an octopus with too long arms and legs – they were everywhere, surrounding Dean in a protecting manner.

Then, the most mind-blowing thing for Dean at least, was the short, sweet kiss that Sam had given to calm him down at the very beginning of his predicament.

Dean was just too shocked and overwhelmed in that moment to do anything else than actually relax back into Sam and let his brother have his way. They didn’t talk about it – they never talked about emotional or weird stuff – and from that moment on, Dean had just accepted this exaggerated neediness his brother had shown since then.

He had his suspicions as to why Sam was behaving that way – but again: not talking about feelings or emotions.


Dean grabbed the drink again, taking another swig of the cool liquid. He couldn’t hold back the happy sigh when the milk spilled down his throat slowly, finding its way into Dean’s stomach and sitting there, sloshing around a bit when he wriggled to get more comfortable. Dean could almost feel his belly protruding further with every swig of milk he took.

Having finished the first glass, he tried to focus on the TV but was quickly in a content state between awake and asleep. The full feeling in his stomach and the friction the shirt was creating because of his full belly wasn’t helping either to keep Dean fully awake.

A few minutes later, Dean heard a rumbling voice right beside his ear: “How about you drink that second glass now, Dean; wouldn’t want it to warm up for it to taste like old chocolate, would you?” In his semiconscious state, the older Winchester only gave a grunt, not willing enough to move even a millimeter.

Sam then took the initiative and brought the glass to his brother’s lips, gently coaxing him to drink more of the still cool liquid. Dean could feel the second glass of milk much more sharply in his stomach, making him cramp up a little and he gave a protesting moan.

“Shhh,” Sam whispered, urging him to drink all of it down. “I’ll rub your belly; it’s going to be fine. You’ll feel so full, Dean, just imagine.”

And if Dean hadn’t been half-sure before, he was pretty convinced now that his little brother was not only protective of him because of the injuries but also accommodating him with the food to keep him happy and sated. And was Sam actually flirting with him? With Dean pigging out on everything his greedy little mouth was able to hold?

That trail of thought was slowly winding itself through Dean’s lazy mind, taking shape and formulating an idea. Was his little brother getting off on Dean’s new eating habits?

It sure seemed to be a possibility what with Sam not being able to keep his eyes from his brother’s belly when he had stroked it just earlier.

And right when Dean thought back to the glances that Sam had thrown his way, he could feel his brother’s hand on his belly. Sam rubbed in soft circles, the shirt getting in the way now and again.

“Would work better without the fabric in the way, don’t you think?” came the hesitant question from somewhere close to Dean’s ear again.

“Hmmm,” was all the reaction Dean was capable of at the moment. Sam tried to tug up the shirt with one hand, while he held the glass of milk at Dean’s lips for the last few drops to be emptied. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on one’s point of view – the shirt was too tight, Dean’s belly too rounded for Sam to tug it up with one hand.

So he put the glass back onto the table and placed both of his hands at the hem of Dean’s shirt. It took a moment for the shirt to finally give enough to be pulled over his brother’s belly but Sam then hitched it as far up as possible. Dean had tensed a little because of the sudden cold to his torso and let out a short yelp.

More soothing rumbling in his ear and finally a big hand stroking his belly, which was taut and aching by now, let Dean relax again.

They didn’t talk for a while; letting the warm morning sunshine and seemingly distant murmur of the TV lull them into a peaceful state of mind, Sam kept caressing Dean’s belly, working out the small cramps his full stomach still caused now and again.

Sometime later, Dean could feel the fluid slowly settle into his bladder. It would still take a while until he had to go to the bathroom but now that the cramps had stopped and the food and milk had settled in his stomach, he could just feel the very slight pressure in his bladder, heightening the feeling of being full to burst. He could almost picture himself just rolling out of the room, a big ball of stuffed satisfaction.

“Gosh, Sammy, I feel so full,” he mumbled. For once, he wanted to be the one to feel safe, to feel protected, and Sam was definitely delivering.

But when Dean relaxed even further into his brother, he could hear him take in a sharp breath, stopping the belly rubbing for a split second before continuing like nothing had happened.

The earlier thought of Sam getting off on Dean’s eating habits came back to the forefront of his mind. And, fuck it all to hell, Dean’s brain was just lazy enough for him to not give a damn about the consequences when he deliberately pressed back into his brother’s lap.

Another sharp intake of breath and a growled “Dean!” were all the evidence he really needed but Dean was quite happy to get his definite proof when he felt his brother’s hard dick at his back.

Another roll into his brother’s lap and Sam was groaning into Dean’s ear quite loudly, flexing his fingers on Dean’s still rounded belly.

“Ugh, Sammy, don’t… I’m too full, I’ve gotta go to the bathroom first,” Dean bitched.

“No, you won’t,” Sam just chuckled, pressing his hand with a bit more force into Dean’s belly.

“Fuck!” Dean yelped. When the slight pain of an almost full bladder and a settled, but still overly full stomach, softened, he groaned in relief and welcomed his brother’s hand still rubbing circles on his belly.

Now, though, Sam just switched between pressing his hand to Dean’s belly more forcefully and rubbing the taut skin soothingly. And every time that Dean felt the tiny spikes of pleasure/pain shoot straight into his cock, he automatically pushed back into Sam’s lap, rubbing against his brother’s now rock-hard dick.

“S-Sammy…” Dean moaned, clawing at his brother’s arm with his good hand and trying to keep his bad hand propped on the back of the couch.

Sam understood the pleading and quickly tucked down the jogging pants Dean wore, as well as the boxer shorts underneath. While he kept rubbing and prodding Dean’s belly with one hand, he licked a few broad stripes over the other before lightly grabbing Dean’s cock.

The first few strokes were soft and not providing enough friction. Dean whimpered and started to wriggle around some more, pressing harder into his little brother’s lap.

“S-Sam…” was only a whispered pleading, followed by a much louder groan when Sam finally showed Dean some mercy and gripped his cock like he meant it. His strokes became firm and quick, his other hand not keeping from fondling Dean’s belly.

“God, Dean, you look so good with that extra weight on,” Sam couldn’t suppress his thoughts any longer. “Look how taut your belly is, how round you are just from drinking two glasses of milk and a bit of food.”

Dean groaned again, pushing into Sam’s hand as much as the cast on his leg allowed it.

“How about I fuck you into the mattress next time, hmm? I could take you from behind and hold your protruding belly just like that, letting gravity do its part,” Sam murmured into his brother’s ear, pressing into Dean’s belly hard and thrusting his dick, which was only barred from bare skin by some threadbare pants, forcefully between the tight ass cheeks in front of him.

That statement finally tipped Dean over the edge, shouting quite loudly and coming all over his brother’s hand and his own belly. A second or two passed, before Sam brought his fingers to Dean’s lips and hesitantly pushed against them.

Still being completely gone from his orgasm, Dean immediately opened up and sucked his cum from Sam’s fingers, licking every drop of semen and caressing even the webs between his brother’s fingers.

It took that sight and another few hard thrusts, and Sam was coming as well, panting into his big brother’s ear.
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