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Current Challenge: Round Robin Masterpost

Masterpost for the Round Robin Challenge


- The prompt is: While recovering from an injury sustained on a hunt, Dean puts on a little weight

- Minimum word count for a contribution is 500 words, no max.

- You have 48 hours to post your contribution

- Anonymous members are welcome to participate

- The challenge will last as long as people continue to fulfill their sections of the story. If all of you are having a good time and the story is continuing to progress, we can go as long as you like. We don't have to stop once everyone has been tagged.

- You can post your piece directly to the community, or to your journal (but still make a new entry to the comm with a link). I will be keeping track of all contributions in this post.

- When posting, please include warnings and/or triggers your piece may include

- Below you will find a list of participants. I'll check their name off once they have been tagged (if we go through the entire list and everyone wants to keep the story going, we'll start over). When you tag somebody, pick a name from that list. Participants, be sure to be watching/tracking the comm and check each entry to see if you have been tagged! Once you have seen your tag, reply to the entry where you were tagged so we know you're working your awesome contribution.

- Everyone gets a pass. If you can't complete your contribution within 48 hours of being tagged, please message me! That way someone else can be tagged (and you will still be eligible to be tagged again down the line). Don't just disappear because it'll sort of mess things up. We want this to go as smoothly as possible.

- Note to anonymous participants: please use this post to post your contribution when you are tagged. Just reply with your piece. I'll probably make a new post to point people towards what you wrote so everyone will see it.

Participants List

The Story
Part One by vampirebitch
Part Two by chubchester
Part Three by one_red_sock
Party Four by nonny
Part Five by blandbetty
Part Six by chickcheney
Part Seven by vampirebitch
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